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Property Laforce

Property location and access

The Laforce property is located 50 km northeast of the town of Ville Marie, Quebec and 2.2 km southwest of Laforce, Quebec in Brodeur Township (Figure 1). The property is centred approximately at 670600mE and 5264800mN (NAD 83, Zone 17).

Access to the property is by Highway 382 east from Ville Marie to the town of Fugereville and then north until the town of Moffet.  Approximately 20 km east along the road Chemin de Moffet-Laforce, there is a turn off to a snowmobile/ATV trail heading south that leads directly to the property.

Property status

The claim is currently recorded in the name of Fieldex as to 100% ownership.

Property geology

The Laforce claims contains part of an elongate, east-west trending gabbroic intrusion approximately 4.6 km long and 0.15 km wide.  The gabbro body occurs near the northern margin of a 4.2 km wide dioritic plug (Figure 3).  The northern margin of the dioritic plug is cut by several northeast-southwest trending faults.

The main Laforce mineralization occurs within the western segment of the gabbro.  The mineralization is hosted within an amphibolitic body which is enveloped by porphyritic gabbro that grades into porphyritic diorite and gabbro.  The area is cut by lamprophyre and quartz-feldspar dykes


At the Laforce showing, Ni-Cu-PGE-bearing sulphides occur within brecciated and non-brecciated amphibolite. Sulphides comprise up to 15% of the unit and occur as 1-3 mm, blebs and veinlets of pyrrhotite, pentlandite, chalcopyrite, pyrite and trace millerite.  Sulphide mineralization identified in other parts of the property generally occur as trace, cubic pyrite in gabbro and pyroxenite.