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Fieldex announces high grade Lithium on Mantis's Case Pegmatite Project - 9.2 m of 1.98% LiO2

Rouyn-Noranda, Canada, September 13th, 2010. Fieldex Exploration Inc. (FLX :TSXV and F7E : Frankfurt) is pleased to announce significant results of the recently retrieved 508 meters of archived drill core from the Case Pegmatite, a lithium rich pegmatite considered to be the fifth largest spodumene subtype in the Superior geologic Province of Ontario. The project is currently under option from Mantis Mineral Corp. (MYN:CNSX). The Case Property is located about 80 km East of Cochrane, in Steele Township, NE Ontario. It lies within the Larder Lake Mining Davison. Road access is from the towns of Cochrane or Iroquois Falls. The property consists of 7 staked claims totalling 47 units.

Drill results
                                                Rb   Ta2O5      Mn
Hole No.   From       To    Width     LiO2     ppm     ppm     ppm
DDH-1      6.10    14.90     8.80     1.02     843     174     431
DDH-1     23.80    33.00     9.20     1.98     534     185     587
DDH-1     33.00    41.75     8.75     0.18     878      tr    1197
DDH-3     37.00    44.10     7.10     0.11    1181      tr     638
DDH-3     44.10    53.00     8.90     0.06     374      tr    1674
DDH-3     53.00    62.77     9.77     0.06     245      tr    2411
DDH-4     13.96    19.38     5.42     0.33    1003     348     359
DDH-4     43.32    47.72     4.40     1.49     588     110     499
DDH-5     43.00    57.07    14.07     1.35     610      tr     609

DDH-6     47.00    47.58     0.58     1.41     670      tr     515
DDH-7     65.36    74.50     9.14     0.21    1982      tr    1349
(i) One part per million equals one gram per ton.

Previously, (from 2001 sampling conducted by Platinova A/S) the lithium (Li2O) content of the Case Pegmatite from channel cuts, grab samples and one drill hole DDH-2 within the spodumene zones of the dike returned results ranging from 0.30% to 2.96% and averaging 1.22 %.

The new results confirm that the Case Pegmatite hosts significant lithium mineralization comparable in grade to other pegmatite dikes being evaluated, including; Canada Lithium's Quebec Lithium project which has a reported resource of 31.6 million tonnes grading 1.11%, Nemaska Exploration's Whabouchi project with a reported resource of 9.8 million tonnes grading 1.63%, and Lithium One's Jame Bay project with reported grades ranging from 1.5 to 1.9% lithium.


The Case Pegmatite complex consists of three dikes; the North, Main and South dikes. The North Dike has a length of 120-meters and is up to 8-meters thick, the Main Dike is 300-meters long and up to 33-meters thick and the South Dike is 14-meters thick and 240-meters long. The Main and North dikes are somewhat similar geologically, being quite well-zoned beryl-muscovite-spodumenequartz-albite-K'spar pegmatites. The South dike is only weakly zoned, lacks spodumene, and has been partly albitized. All these dikes are hosted in pale granodioritic rocks of the Case Batholith, to which they may be genetically related. All the pegmatites contain disseminated, fine-grained columbitetantalite, but the best mineralization is in the North and Main Dikes (see map on Fieldex website).

Fieldex is currently earning up to a 60% interest in the Case Pegmatite property from Mantis and is planning a follow-up drill program once a full evaluation of the results have been completed.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Fieldex Exploration has implemented and adheres to a Quality Assurance/Quality Control program which includes mineralized REE standards, blanks and duplicata for each batch. Assay samples are taken from drill core sawed in half with one half sent to a commercial laboratory and the other half retained for future reference. Analyses are performed by ALS Chemex in Val D'or.

Qualified Person

The sampling program was carried out under the supervision of Robert Sansfaçon, geologist and qualified person as per National Instrument 43-101.

About Fieldex:

Fieldex is a mineral resource company actively exploring in Quebec for base and strategic group metal deposits located throughout Canada, representing over 600 km². Quadra FNX Mining Company owns 6,500,000 shares of Fieldex Exploration Inc. Fieldex has 60,122,018 shares outstanding, a cash position of $1.7M and an investment of 800,000 shares in Visible Gold Mines Inc.

For more information, please contact:

Martin Dallaire, eng
President & CEO Tel.: (819) 762-0609
Fax: (819) 762-0097

Information on rare metals

(Reference Asian Metal website (based on the most recent purchase contracts for July, 2010))

1 gram per ton (1 g/t) equals 1 part per million (1 ppm)

Lithium oxide with conversion of the Li2CO3 (lithium carbonate) price (LiO2) -- $15.01 (U.S.) per kilogram or per 0.10 per cent;
Tantale (oxide) (Ta2O5) -- $226.50 (U.S.) per kg or 22.6 cents per ppm/gram;
Gallium (Ga) -- $440.00 (U.S.) per kg or 44 cents per ppm/gram.


Beryllium (Be) -- $500.00 (U.S.) per kg or 50 cents per ppm/gram (source: IBC Advanced Alloys);
Rubidium (Rb) -- $740.00 (U.S.) per kg or 74 cents per ppm/gram (source: USGS, sale of a large quantity from the Tanco mine when there was more information on transactions, 1980 to 1991);
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